It has been a long time since I’ve posted anything, but I finally convinced myself to get some work accomplished over Thanksgiving break.

I have just completed two lesson plans: one was a debate lesson plan related to two pieces of literature we read in senior English, Frankenstein and Macbeth. I plan to use the Frankenstein debate in December and the Macbeth debate in the spring, so I could perhaps film those and evaluate how they work in my classroom. I would like to have a debate tab on my site and also include classroom debates on the student-selected argumentative essay topics they write in the spring.

The other lesson plan was the skit activity related to introducing arguments and counter-arguments. I would like to have a skit tab and include some of the skits the students perform related to reading Beowulf, Macbeth and other works we act out. The physicality of acting out the character helps students understand characterization in the literature they read and in their writing.

I am going to work now on a socratic seminar lesson plan. I think it makes sense to pair the socratic seminar lesson with the debate lesson–both can be about the same work, but whereas the debate is oppositional and confrontational, the socratic seminar should be collaborative and open-ended.

After that, I am more than a little stuck on the remix idea. I am intrigued with the idea, but it is hard for me to create a concrete lesson plan… I will probably have to do more work on that.